2009 SSUDA Calendar

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SSUDA is now taking orders for the 2009 calendar!

We are so grateful to see so many Australian communities be part of our effort to rebuild the lives of our Southern Sudanese children and their families who for many years have been living in pain and hardship, resulting from war and the collapse of economic and social infrastructure in Southern Sudan.

calendar-1Many Southern Sudanese refugees are currently returning to Southern Sudan from Northern Sudan and neighboring countries to find that there is absolutely nothing left in the region – not even school or basic health facilities.

There are no basic services, and the war has led to southern Sudan having the highest levels of illiteracy and poverty in the world. Children presently take their lessons under the shade of a tree, sitting on makeshift benches.  Sometimes the whole class shares one textbook under a tree, which is often interrupted by rain.

As relative peace is established, education for the children will provide a way of promoting reconciliation, peaceful co-operation and long-term development in the country. It will also help to reintegrate former child combatants and other war-affected young people, including girls, back into the education system.

Our vision is a peaceful community that offers its citizens access to equal opportunities, where poverty is eradicated and human beings live in dignity, and respect each other.calendar-2

SSUDA believes that education provides the basis from which development can begin.  Not only does education provide young people with the knowledge to build their future, but it also acts as a stabilizing factor in south Sudan.

By purchasing this Calendar you will help us in our efforts to complete the construction of the Yomding Education Centre: All proceeds from any contributions and donations will go towards the construction.

To place an order for the 2009 SSUDA calendar, fill out the SSUDA 2009 Calendar Order Form, and mail it with your cheque or money order, made out to SSUDA International Inc., to:


SSUDA International Inc.,
P.O. Box 5359
Clayton, Vic, 3168



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