A Time For Action

SUDAN is a tortured nation. For more than two decades it has suffered the pain and hardship of civil war. Many of its people have been traumatised, while many have scattered seeking sanctuary across the globe. 

But now there are emerging new signs for hope. Peace in southern Sudan is allowing its people to rebuild - their lives, their homeland, their dignity. And Sudanese communities the world over are looking to contribute to their nation's rebirth. 

In Australia, the South Sudan Development Agency (SSUDA) has identified education as a key driver of Sudan's renewal. Educational tools, even schools themselves, are desperately needed to teach a new generation of Sudanese the messages of peace and  community, and to give them the ability to develop the necessary skills to construct better lives for the people of the sub-Sahara.


SSUDA's immediate goal is to raise the necessary funds tbuild a school and community centre at  Yomding, in Ulang County in the Upper Nile region. It is difficult to know exactly how much the project will cost but an architect Mr. Graham suggests that the project will cost $100,000 Australian Dollars. The work has begun: funds are slowly being raised, and in April a small study group of interested Australians visited Sudan to better understand the parameters within which the project must be achieved.

What is clear is that the journey will be difficult and will require the help of many.  SSUDA  invites all Australians to get on board and back this worthy project. With God's help, and the gifts of peace and love, the Yomding school project can be achieved.

Yours sincerely,


Gatwech Peter Kulang
Executive Director
South Sudan Development Agency (Aust) Inc 

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