Hearing About Peace

a_region_cripped_by_war1a_1Mrs. Deng and her six children refuse to flee her village at first, even though war, looting and destruction continue to threaten her and her family and devastate the area. At last Mrs. Deng leaves her country of origin with her children for Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya.
Early 2005 people from Sudan have talked about peace. She is trying to understand from others what has been happening for the last 21 years. Mrs. Deng is happy to see many people are enjoying news and welcoming the peace initiative but she remains skeptical. She says she hears about peace but will believe there is peace when she sees the government of Sudan stop bombardments of civilians, and sees her people put down their guns.
Mrs. Deng vaguely remembers the days when there was no war in Sudan. She says the area was full of homes, with children playing. They were healthy and attended school, while families cultivated their land. Today the land is bare except for tukkels (huts) built for homes. The war has left most of the area desolate and is lacking the most basic of services.
Water points are sparse, schools lack material and trained teachers. Peace, the word Mrs. Deng has heard of, is not something she has seen in a long time. Mrs. Deng looks at her baby covered in flies and explains to me that if there was no war her baby would not look like this.
Mrs. Deng is happy to see all her people smiling and talking about peace in Sudan. She has heard of the peace and she has not seen it. She hopes to see the peace that has been signed to become a long lasting one in the land of Sudan.
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