Statement of Purpose

The name of the Incorporated Association is:
South Sudan Development Agency (SSUDA) International Inc


A democratic and peaceful community in South Sudan, where poverty is eradicated and human beings live in dignity and respect each other. 


Transparency, accountability, justice, equality, democracy and equity of gender, religion, politics, disability and age, within the context of Christian values


To alleviate poverty, disease and other forms of human suffering in South Sudan
To advocate for and implement programs to address the needs of Sudanese youth and families and community in Australia and South Sudan.
To promote dialogue, harmony, reconciliation, co-operation among individuals and families within the Sudanese community in Australia and South Sudan
To create broad, strategic alliances, of partnerships among individuals, educational institutions, organizations, religions, corporations the media and governments


In order to achieve these aims the Association shall have the power to:
To raise money, solicit and receive donations, grants, contributions, fees, subscriptions and conduct fund raising campaigns 
To conduct training, parenting, youth work, provide social programs and support the needs of vulnerable groups in the community 
Have the capacity to accept gifts, endowments, bequests and donations that are tax deductible 
To create and sell publications that are tax deductible, to raise funds. 

The above-mentioned Objectives shall be in addition to powers of the Association governed by the Constitution.
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